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Talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not.
The United States isn’t the only place where innovators of the future live. The world is full of extraordinary people who lack access to their ideal potential self — their Yoda.

We believe that progress has a lot to give back to its past.

What am I signing up to as a mentor?
When you become a FirstGen mentor, you're signing up for a simple commitment: you will take one free 30-60 minute intro call from a student who has been vetted and filtered by us, and matched with you. That's it.

The student you will be paired with will be personally selected to match your background and area of expertise. For example, if you're a senior software engineer who grew up under hardship in China, we'll match you with a student who we think could benefit most from your background. Until we find you the right student, we won't pair you with anyone.

If you are open to taking more than one student intro a year, you can let us know. But there's no obligation!

Is this completely free? What's the catch?
None! FirstGen is completely free for and by everyone -- the student, the mentor, and us. We are doing this only out of an obligation to open opportunities for the next generation of entrepreneurs and creators around the world.

What's the format of the call?
We will pre-screen and prep students for their first call before they talk to you. They'll be prepared with problem areas to tackle, and will provide you with some background context before they talk to you.

After the call, remember that there is no obligation on either ends. At the very least, we hope you'll be receptive to responding to the student's emails once in a while. If opportunities open up on either ends, we hope the intro can be mutually beneficial overtime.

If you're up for it, our recommendation would be to set up a recurring call once a quarter.

What do you look for in a mentor?
We're looking for accomplished, successful entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, or creators of any kind. Our ideal mentor is likely an immigrant, an outsider, from an under-represented minority, or someone from a family that experienced severe hardship. Our ideal mentor can be a long-term role model for a student matched perfectly to their biographical profile.

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